Understanding Depression

understanding depression

Understanding depression can be one of the most difficult things for someone. It is so much more than trying to relate an emotional sense to other people, but about trying to grasp a sense of self. Let’s not confuse the matter: there is no doubt in my mind, that understanding depression is an understanding one’s self.

There are a ton of quick-guide references to mood dysregulation, but very few of them are writing about the disconnection that depressed people feel from themselves. I have heard people say all kinds of things like, “Depression is a disease of the past; get your mind off the past, and you will release yourself from depression.” That sounds great – I love it – sign me up! But what does it all mean?

Have you ever actually wondered why you are depressed? Has it occurred to you why you might be dwelling in the past? It is time to stop wondering and start living.

Are you ready to stop feeling depressed?

My take is that depression is a calling. Understanding depression calls for an inquiry into yourself. If you are indeed held captive by the past, perhaps you are looking for something you left behind, and perhaps that something is actually a someone, and maybe that someone is you.

I have helped teens from Culver City, CEOs from West Hollywood, and moms from Beverly Hills all figure out the same thing…

Depression is about a disconnection from yourself.

The most devastating aspect of depression is the concern that it will never end, the longing to feel differently, and the drive to be any other version of yourself.

The real therapeutic work to relinquish yourself from feeling depressed is not about the depression (as it turns out), but it’s about you. The work needs to be about figuring out who you are. And that includes all implicit and explicit, conscious and unconscious parts of yourself.

If you are feeling depressed, and are hoping to figure out who you really are, what you truly need, and you’re ready to explore the ins and outs of what makes you feel, think, and act the way you do, call me to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation.

Take action, and begin understanding depression by understanding yourself.

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