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Beverly Hills Therapy Blog

10 Executive Coaching Goals

If you're a successful professional in any industry, you probably feel a great deal of stress and pressure in your day-to-day life. No one can handle the demands of a high-ranking job without ever seeking support. Executive coaching is an opportunity to improve your skills and work through your challenges in a safe, confidential environment. [...]

What Makes an Effective Executive Coach?

Executive coaching is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your professional skills, identify your career goals, and improve your overall well-being. Choosing a coach can be challenging, though. All executive coaches have different styles and use different approaches, so it's important to work with a coach you feel aligns with your personality. Although choosing an executive [...]

How to Overcome Anxiety-induced Brain Fog

Brain fog can be a mentally and emotionally devastating experience. Everyone has days where they just don't feel as sharp as usual, but chronic brain fog can destroy your quality of life and make you feel unrecognizable to yourself. It can make the smallest tasks feel impossible, and it can stop you from connecting with [...]

8 Benefits of Sports Psychology

Athletes achieve amazing physical feats and often push their bodies to the limit. The persistence and dedication involved in sports is inspirational, but it can also be stressful. Mental fitness plays a major role in every sport, so athletes need to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being in order to succeed. Sports psychology can equip [...]

10 Signs of Teen Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions affecting young adults, but the signs and symptoms aren't always obvious in teens. Sometimes, teen depression is attributed to typical adolescent moodiness, school stress, or withdrawing from parents. While all of these experiences are normal for the average teenager, it's also important to be watchful [...]

6 Signs of Parental Burnout

Parenting is one of the most stressful and taxing jobs imaginable. Although raising children is incredibly rewarding, the challenges of caring tirelessly for another person can take their toll. If you're experiencing parental burnout, you're not alone. Many people fear that admitting to burnout will make them look like a bad parent, but exhaustion is [...]

6 Signs It’s Time to See a Therapist

Mental health struggles can be extremely complex, and they often develop gradually. If you've been struggling with your mental health for a long time, you might not even realize how much the issues are interfering with your daily life. People often downplay and dismiss their own challenges regardless of the severity. No matter what you're [...]

6 Ways to Deal With High Conflict People

If you've ever encountered a high conflict individual, you know how challenging this personality type can be to interact with. No matter how much you try to keep the peace, they can always find a way to lash out, shift the blame, or harass or humiliate you in some way. All high conflict individuals may [...]

6 Signs of Avoidant Personality Disorder

Avoidant personality disorder can have a profoundly negative impact on your life if it goes untreated. If you have avoidant personality disorder, the smallest social interactions can feel impossible. Your self-doubt and self-judgment prevent you from connecting with others, leading to serious loneliness and isolation. Avoidant personality disorder is manageable with therapy, but you must [...]

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