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Beverly Hills Therapy Blog

Exploring Parental Compassion Fatigue & Its Impact on Mental Health

Parenting is a wild ride, full of heartwarming moments and unforgettable memories. But let's be real; it's also a rollercoaster of challenges that can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. As parents, we're constantly juggling a million things at once - from work and finances to societal pressures and family obligations. And in the midst [...]

How Workplace Discrimination Affects Mental Health

Workplace discrimination is a deeply pervasive issue, and it extends its damaging reach into the very core of our well-being, affecting our mental health in profound ways. Workplace discrimination can be defined as the Unjust treatment of individuals based on their gender, age, race, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. Regrettably, it is an all too [...]

Symptoms of Unresolved Complex Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can profoundly impact a person's life, and unresolved complex childhood trauma can be particularly devastating. Symptoms of this type of trauma can include: Difficulty regulating emotions A sense of disconnection from others A persistent feeling of being unsafe Understanding complex childhood trauma is crucial for those who have experienced it and those who [...]

9 Ways Therapy Can Address Women’s Issues

Imagine stepping into a sanctuary dedicated to women's issues. A space where you're free to be yourself, where no judgment exists, and where every emotion, every doubt, every triumph related to being a woman has room to breathe. This is what therapy offers women globally - a chance to unburden, learn, grow, and blossom in [...]

9 Benefits of Group Therapy

Are you looking for a unique and effective way to improve your mental health? Look no further than group therapy! This form of psychotherapy brings together a small group of clients to work with one or more therapists in a single session. Unlike traditional one-on-one therapy, group therapy harnesses the power of group dynamics to [...]

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic and challenging world of entrepreneurship, having a ground-breaking idea or ample funding is just part of the equation. An equally crucial factor, often undervalued, is Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI refers to one's ability to perceive, comprehend, and manage both one's emotions and those of others. It encompasses self-awareness, emotional regulation, motivation, empathy, [...]

Holistic Mental Health Care: How Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Approach Treatment

In mental health care, the holistic approach is like a guiding light, offering comprehensive and patient-centered treatment. It's all about understanding that our minds, bodies, and spirits are connected, and this approach considers various factors that affect our overall well-being. It goes beyond just looking at symptoms and diagnoses; it values things like lifestyle, environment, [...]

10 Effective Strategies to Overcome Entrepreneurship Burnout

Entrepreneurship Burnout is an often overlooked but increasingly prevalent phenomenon with significant implications for individuals and the wider business landscape. As more people are driven to start their businesses, the stresses and pressures of entrepreneurship also rise, resulting in chronic physical and emotional exhaustion known as burnout. It's a crippling condition that saps entrepreneurs of [...]

Achieving Business Success through Prioritizing Mental Health and Financial Well-being

In the fast-paced and competitive business world, achieving success goes beyond the traditional metrics of profit and growth. Today, entrepreneurs and business professionals recognize the undeniable link between mental health and financial well-being as crucial components for sustainable success. Prioritizing mental health and financial well-being has become a defining factor in fostering resilience, driving innovation, [...]


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