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f you’re a creative individual, you can probably relate when we say that you face unique struggles. Whether you’re a performer, writer for TV, films or print media, website developer, visual artist or musician, you know that you’re most fulfilled when you’re living your passions. But creativity can come at a price. Therapy for creatives gives you a chance to explore your imaginative space while managing the realities of life.

What Role Does Creative Expression Play in Your Life?

Your creativity should not be limited to your art. Counseling can confidently bring your talents and skills into your entire life.

Some of the most well-recognized artists are known for fighting demons. For many, creative expression is a way of coping with trauma, anxiety or depression.

Some research has found a link between creativity and depression, but psychologists are hesitant to read too much into the association. Still, the creative process can be instrumental for managing fluctuating moods, finding a state of calm within the pressures of everyday life and sorting out intense emotions. People who use artistic expression to bring harmony to their lives already know that creativity is a form of therapy.

But what about the stereotype of the starving artist? Many creatives are taught that they should sacrifice their well-being to concentrate on their art. They may neglect their health while entrenched in a pressing project. They might isolate themselves so that they can get in the zone.

The right type of counseling can address these habits and help people achieve balance while using their creative genius to improve their lives. Whether your art helps you unwind or brings up memories of the past, you are probably already using it as a form of therapy. The problem is that it doesn’t always work.

Therapy for creatives can help you use your inspiration therapeutically. We also provide additional tools for navigating your complex internal environment. What goes on in your psyche when you’re in the zone? We’ll shine a light on that so that you can enhance your creative expression.

Many creatives feel a disconnect between what goes on in their imaginations and the real world. They may struggle with finances, managing interpersonal relationships and dealing with mundane, practical obligations. What if you could extend your creativity to your everyday life?

You’re skilled, talented and brilliant. Your creativity can encompass your entire existence. Imagine how proficient you’ll feel when you have a strong foundation for managing your inspiration and applying it to everything that you do.

Expand Your Greatness in Therapy for Creatives

When you’re in your creative bubble, you might feel untouchable. You’re so passionate about your process that everything feels aligned. You’re confident and inspired.

Therapy for creatives can help you explore that inspiration further. Our therapists understand that you feel like your best self when you’re immersed in your art. They can help you hone your talents within the creative framework.

We understand that inspiration can hit at any time. Your creative flow may come from periods of powerful emotions. Maybe you write your best poetry when you’re feeling depressed. Perhaps you come up with brilliant advertising campaigns when you’re riding the energy of a manic state.

You may be worried that finding balance will dull your talent. You’ve probably experienced writers block or creative block when ideas just aren’t coming to you. This is where therapy for creatives comes in.

We work together to explore your creative spark. When you understand where it comes from and what instigates it, you can draw on it whenever you want. Your radiance is part of you, and you can access it in a productive way without exhausting yourself from your efforts.

Through therapy, you can explore how the creative process works. Allow yourself to fuel the embers of your muse without letting them burn through your inspiration.

You’ll develop positive ways of drawing on your inner vision without resorting to the unpredictable ebb and flow that you might be useful. What if you could harness your creativity when you needed to and manage your practical life as well? These are some of the themes that we explore in therapy.

Manage the Pressures of Success With Therapy for Creatives

It’s easy for creatives to fall into periods of crippling self-doubt, anxiety or creative block. When your art is an expression of who you are, it can feel like you’re always making yourself vulnerable.

On the one hand, you get an intense rush of accomplishment and pride when your audience values your work. On the other hand, putting yourself on display makes you susceptible to intense judgment. This creates a roller coaster of emotions that can leave you feeling drained, inadequate and exposed.

As a creative, you need to be able to harness your emotions in a constructive way. You may produce your best work when you’re feeling a great deal of angst or pressure. However, living with that level of stress can be detrimental to your physical and psychological health.

Many people don’t understand the pressures that are associated with success. As you become more visible and prosperous, you have to learn to navigate unique challenges. You must retain your personal identity, set healthy boundaries and manage the stressors of everyday life.

Our therapists work with you to establish the skills that you need to stay true to your values and embrace your authentic self while coping with pressure, anxiety and mood changes.

Surround Yourself with People Who Understand

Not everyone understands what it’s like to live the artistic lifestyle. If you have ever felt misunderstood, you might want to consider working with a counselor that specializes in therapy for creatives.

At Beverly Hills Therapy Group, we offer group and individual counseling so that you can surround yourself with people like you.

Connect with other creatives who are experiencing similar struggles and celebrations. Our therapists tailor their approaches to your specific situation. We understand that you need to maintain your creative spark while applying your strengths to the rest of your life.

Specialized counseling can help you find fulfillment in every aspect of life. It can bring meaning to areas that have felt numb or inaccessible. It allows you to explore your purpose so that you can express yourself fully in everything that you do.

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Discover how therapy for creatives can help you embrace your creativity and integrate it throughout your life.

Dr Ron N. Gad, PhD

Ron N. Gad, PhD


Dr. Ronen Nissan, PhD is the founder of Beverly Hills Therapy Group in California. Dr. Gad holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Along with his staff of licensed therapist, Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides mental health services for many disorders including anxiety, trauma, depression, and several others.


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