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his therapy specialty is for licensed and pre-licensed clinicians who would like to begin an in-depth psychotherapeutic process of their own, are looking for internship supervision, or would like professional consultation.

As a counselor, social worker, therapist, or psychologist, you want to make a big impact on the lives of others. But that impact can come at a huge cost.

You’ve taken on so much responsibility that you come home from work numb and exhausted. You avoid having your own deeply connected and vulnerable relationships, and sometimes you feel like sole purpose of getting through the day is to be great at your work – instead of being great at being you.

Helpers need help too.

In the back of your mind is this little voice telling you aren’t living the life that you help so many other people have. But sometimes shame gets in the way of you reaching out to make a change. Doing it alone hasn’t worked for you. You need someone else who can support you, who knows what therapeutic work requires – you need to process your day, your feelings, and your clinical interactions with someone who get it.

There is no judgment. If anything, there is a deep understanding of what it takes to be present in your work and in your life as well. Counseling can help you become a better more confident clinician.

Clinical Supervision & MFT Internship

Embarking on this process of becoming a clinician can be daunting. There are so many styles and modalities that can be engaged, and that says nothing about the complex legal and ethical concerns.

Internships, supervision, and various consultations are available at the Beverly Hills Therapy Group. These programs are available for all pre-licensed internships as well as for any licensed consultation inquiries.

Learn. Grow. Begin Your Career.

If you are looking at depth psychological training at a paid internship, you should contact us at (888) 494-7788 or message us here to schedule your informational interview.

Dr Ron N. Gad, PhD

Ron N. Gad, PhD


Dr. Ronen Nissan, PhD is the founder of Beverly Hills Therapy Group in California. Dr. Gad holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Along with his staff of licensed therapist, Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides mental health services for many disorders including anxiety, trauma, depression, and several others.


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