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f you’ve been struggling with any mental or emotional concerns, you may be craving insight into your own thought process. It’s natural to want to understand yourself better, especially if you’re going through a difficult time or have a history of trauma, depression, or anxiety. When you’re in search of the breakthrough that helps you understand your purpose, your identity, and your psyche, a psychedelic, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreat may be the answer.

This may sound like an extreme experience, but people of all walks of life have undergone ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with success. As long as your treatment team agrees that you’re a good candidate, a professionally supervised psychedelic experience can have a profound impact on your mental health and your overall sense of well-being.

Psychedelics have been used for therapeutic purposes for a long time, but they’ve become an especially popular form of treatment in the last few years. As more research is done into the mental health benefits of ketamine and other psychedelics, it appears that these substances can have a powerful and long-lasting effect on your mental and emotional state when used correctly.

The Beverly Hills Therapy Group offers psychedelic, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreats for those who want to open their minds, explore their senses of self, and gain clarity on life by experiencing an altered state of consciousness. If you’re interested in a psychedelic retreat, you should understand how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy works, who may qualify as a candidate, and why a retreat can be such an effective way to receive the treatment.

How Ketamine Is Used Therapeutically

Ketamine is a psychoactive substance that blocks the effects of glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the brain that contributes to symptoms of depression (among other personal roadblocks). The substance has been used as an anesthetic and pain reliever for decades, but in recent years, researchers have been discovering more and more about the positive effects of ketamine on the mind.

Ketamine can only be used therapeutically when it’s provided by a trained and licensed mental health professional. You’ll be given a specific dose of the medicine, and your therapist will supervise you throughout the entire experience. One session of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy lasts for about an hour, but the effects gradually increase and decrease throughout that time.

When used for mental health purposes, ketamine can be an incredibly effective treatment because it has both short-term and long-term effects on your mind. While the medicine is active in your system, you can expect to feel very peaceful and happy. You may feel separated or disassociated from yourself, which gives you space to observe yourself objectively. By taking a step back from your own mind, you can make breakthroughs that are harder to accomplish in your typical mental state.

Ketamine can have a cumulative effect over time, too. Experts usually recommend undergoing multiple ketamine sessions because repeated doses can lead to long-lasting benefits. The FDA and NIH conducted studies that suggested a session-session protocol. Many people report feeling happier, calmer, and more grounded in the weeks and months following their sessions.

Why Attend Our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Retreat

The Beverly Hills Therapy Group offers a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreat that lasts for three days and two nights. You’ll stay in a beautiful five-star hotel and work with therapists who are well-versed in psychedelic mental health treatment.

Deciding to attend any retreat can feel like a big commitment, but you may be particularly nervous about a psychedelic retreat. Before you attend the getaway, you and your therapists will talk about your expectations and your concerns about the treatment. It’s important to ask any and all questions that are on your mind so that you don’t feel surprised or overwhelmed when you arrive.

Here Are Four Great Things You Can Expect From Your Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Retreat

1. Make powerful mental health breakthroughs.

Ketamine-assisted, psychedelic psychotherapy has benefits for a number of mental health disorders. It can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and other conditions.

Because ketamine allows you to temporarily disassociate from your thoughts, it provides an opportunity to observe your thinking patterns without feeling tangled up in them. You might notice inconsistencies or illogical elements in your thinking habits, which will make it easier for you to dismiss your unhealthy or negative thoughts as they appear in the future.

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is also a great way to find more empathy for yourself. We are all our own worst critics, and self-judgment is one of the most common struggles that people with various mental health disorders experience. While you feel the effects of the ketamine, you may find it much easier to view yourself compassionately, which is a major milestone on the journey to emotional wellness.

2. Take plenty of time to process your experience.

Feeling the immediate effects of the ketamine is only one part of the therapeutic process. When the substance starts to wear off, you and your therapist will talk about what you felt and thought while the psychedelic medicine was in effect. This is your chance to take the insights you discovered and apply them in actionable ways to your life.

During a typical ketamine-assisted psychotherapy session, you’ll have time to process the experience with your therapist. However, a retreat offers even more space for you to fully work through the event. All your time for three days will be dedicated to your mental and emotional health, so you can take as much time as you need for processing.

3. Connect with others who can relate.

Psychedelic psychotherapy is a completely unique experience. It’s truly impossible to understand what it’s like until you go through it, so speaking with others who have participated in the treatment can be valuable.

During your retreat, you’ll have opportunities to connect with others who can relate to what you went through. You can talk about it in structured group therapy sessions or in casual conversations, and hearing the insights that others found can help you learn and grow even more.

4. Experience it all in a serene environment.

One of the greatest benefits of going on any type of therapeutic retreat is getting a change of scene. When you feel stuck in a rut with your mental health, you may need a break from your daily routine. Taking time away from your career and family responsibilities for a few days can give you some much-needed peace of mind. You’ll likely find that it’s easier not to worry about your day-to-day obligations when you’re away from home.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Ketamine-assisted, psychedelic psychotherapy may not be the right treatment option for everyone, so before you sign up for the retreat, you and your therapist will talk about whether or not it’s a good fit. In most cases, people who undergo ketamine therapies have tried other medications and forms of treatment without much success.

If you’ve ever experienced hallucinations or psychosis, your counselors may not recommend ketamine-assisted therapy. Certain physical health conditions may disqualify you, too.

A psychedelic therapy retreat can be a powerful way to learn more about yourself and make progress toward your mental health goals. If you’re interested in our retreat or in learning more about ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, you can contact us today.

Dr Ron N. Gad, PhD

Ron N. Gad, PhD


Dr. Ronen Nissan, PhD is the founder of Beverly Hills Therapy Group in California. Dr. Gad holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Along with his staff of licensed therapist, Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides mental health services for many disorders including anxiety, trauma, depression, and several others.


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