Therapy for Therapists

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Wednesday – 5pm

You have devoted your professional career and personal energy to helping others process their emotions, but who is looking after you?

Therapists, LPCCs, social workers, and psychologists, especially in pre- and early-licensure, often face difficulties separating their own experiences from that of their client’s. When session emotions intensify, it is important to be able to process the transference and countertransference that arise. The good news is that you don’t need to figure these things out on your own.

We have created a weekly therapy group that was established with pre-licensed and newly licensed clinicians in mind. It is a space for you to process with your peers, and for you to obtain psychotherapeutic guidance from a licensed facilitator.

While this is not a pre-licensed supervision group, it is intended to blend clinical consultation with emotional processing, in order to best attend to your personal therapeutic needs. If you are looking to understand yourself within the context of your clinical work, then this is the perfect therapy group for you.

In order to join this group, you need to be a licensed clinician, an intern registered with one of the California boards, or a mental health practicum student who is seeing clients. A consultation interview will be scheduled for you to help gauge your readiness, interest, and suitability for the group. Call now for your free phone consultation at 888.494.7788 or contact us here to inquire about joining the group.