Counseling for Creatives

At your core, you are a creative. A painter, dancer, actor, musician – your art, your creative space is where you love to live. This is where you feel most confident.


Outside of your creative bubble, you face the realities of life. You feel anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. Life isn’t what you imagined it would be… even with successes.

We help creatives explore their greatness. The passion and confidence you feel in your art can be manifested in all areas of your life. Many of our clients come seeking clarity and direction.

If you’re having difficulties dealing with the pressure of success or the challenges or maintaining steady work, then The Beverly Hills Therapy Group is perfect for you.

Our work together is a creative, healing process.

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Your creativity should not be limited to your art. Counseling can confidently bring your talents and skills into your entire life.

Join our therapy group for creatives. It brings together others like you who want to use their creativity to bolster their sense of self, expand their careers, and enjoy life.

You can also meet with a therapist one-on-one in personal therapy.

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Discover how counseling can help you embrace your creativity and integrate it throughout your life.