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e all use technology to get things done more efficiently. But sometimes, getting more done in less time leaves us with—well—less time. Your mental health is vital for your well-being, but you might not have room in your schedule to make therapy a priority. Luckily, technology has allowed us to make therapy more efficient too. Teletherapy helps you fit mental health treatment sessions into your busy schedule, and it’s making therapy more accessible.

What Is Teletherapy?

It seems as though everything is digital nowadays. There’s an app for everything, including therapy.

During teletherapy, therapists and patients connect virtually. You don’t have to spend time driving to the office and hanging around the waiting room. Because teletherapy is conducted over the phone or the internet, you can meet with your therapist from any place that’s convenient for you.

You might hear some people refer to teletherapy as e-counseling, e-therapy, online therapy, or cyber-counseling. No matter what you call it, it’s convenient. You might be able to connect with your therapist through a video chat on your computer or phone. Many apps let you have private therapy sessions using your mobile device. Sometimes, you can even chat on the phone for a teletherapy session.

Text-based teletherapy is perfect for people who might not have an extra hour in their day. When you text or email your therapist, you can continue the discussion on your own schedule. These types of sessions don’t have to be in real-time, giving you plenty of flexibility and time to consider the insights that you get or the questions that your therapist asks you.

A live one-on-one session with your counselor might feel very similar to meeting in person. Although a text or email therapy appointment might feel unusual at first, it may accommodate your needs better than other teletherapy options.

Teletherapy is a new frontier in counseling. It’s becoming more popular as the digital world develops.

Benefits of Teletherapy

How many times have you stopped going to therapy after just one session? It’s not always easy to find a therapist that matches your needs and personality.

It often takes at least three sessions to determine whether the pairing is a good fit, but you might not have time to experiment. You want help and support as soon as possible. With teletherapy, you can have your mental health needs met more quickly, giving you a better opportunity to test out various therapists until you find the one that’s right for you.

One of the benefits of teletherapy is that you have more flexibility. You can shop around for a therapist who resonates with you without compromising your time. The online dating industry has discovered how efficient it is to meet someone online before you commit more time to them. The teletherapy industry is doing something similar now.

Teletherapy is convenient. It reduces the amount of time that you spend commuting to and from the office of the therapist. It opens up your schedule and lets you get the care that you need while managing everything else in your hectic life.

You can take part in a teletherapy session from your home, car, office, or school. You can even talk to your therapist while you’re on a hike or at the beach. If you find it challenging to open up while you’re in front of a therapist in their office, teletherapy might ease your nerves and make you feel more comfortable.

Plus, because you can move around during a session, you might find it to be more therapeutic. Take a walk around your neighborhood park while you speak with your counselor.

Many people enjoy walking while they talk to their therapist because it helps their thoughts flow. Exercising during a therapy session can also boost mood-enhancing neurochemicals, making you feel better after the appointment.

Teletherapy can also help you feel safe and comfortable. You can attend the session from your bed in your pajamas if you want to. You don’t have to worry about running into your friend’s parents or coworker in the waiting room of the office.

Moreover, you don’t have to cancel a session if you’re sick or dealing with inclement weather. You can attend a teletherapy session in a snowstorm. This is a distinct advantage for many people, who might otherwise feel isolated if a catastrophe happens and they become stuck at home.

If you’ve had your license revoked or have mobility issues, you can still get the therapy that you need. Some therapists even offer support groups over the phone or online, which is an advantage for people with social anxiety.

Is Teletherapy Just as Beneficial as In-Person Meetings?

Teletherapy presents some challenges. It’s not for everyone. You may feel more comfortable speaking with a mental health professional in person. Some mental health disorders require more support than online therapy can provide.

But the benefits of teletherapy serve many people well. Teletherapy can work just as well as in-person sessions for many types of mental health issues. For some people, it can even be preferable to heading to the office. Some experts believe that one written communication session can be as effective as up to five face-to-face therapy appointments.

Remember that you can have a teletherapy session anywhere that you have access to a telephone, Wi-Fi, or a cellular data network. That’s convenient, but it also means that you might need to be vigilant about your privacy.

If you’re in public, anyone around you will be able to hear what you say. You might want to take the call from a secluded spot in your car or home. If you’re worried about people in your household hearing the conversation, you could listen with headphones that have a microphone. This will not only keep the conversation more private but also cut down on background noise and help you and your therapist hear each other clearly.

You may also need a decent internet connection to participate in online therapy. However, that’s not always the case. Teletherapy can be conducted over the phone.

You might worry that you don’t know how to find a qualified therapist online. Working with a reputable facility is important. At Beverly Hills Therapy Group, our team offers a wide variety of teletherapy and online therapy approaches for people with specific concerns.

Whether you’re a new parent who feels as though they’ve lost their identity, a creative who struggles with discipline and motivation, a millennial who has trouble managing anxiety and stress, or an individual with a substance abuse disorder, you can find a reputable therapist who specializes in your issue. Through the benefits of teletherapy and other types of counseling, we help you find fulfillment as you discover who you really are.

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