Zimra Roz-Elias

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


ou deserve to be happy. Being able to prioritize your mental health does not have to come at the cost of yourself or your family. Being a new mother can be stressful, difficult, lonely but you are not alone. Supporting others and having the support of our partners, family, and friends is something we crave as mothers. Being able to communicate your wants and needs as an individual is something achievable. Self-care means being able to show up for yourself.

  • Do you feel lonely and lost?
  • Do you feel like you could use more support?
  • Do you feel like there aren’t enough adults around you to talk to?
  • Do you feel like motherhood isn’t what you were told it would be?

Most mothers are hesitant to seek therapeutic treatment due to being labeled as a “bad mom” or not being able to “do it all.” I know from my own personal experience that being a new mother is much more complicated than society likes to admit. Nobody tells you how all-consuming it can be to have newborns. They rely on you for everything. On top of that your body undergoes hormonal changes to put you back to your pre pregnancy hormonal state and it seems like that none of your friends and family understand your new responsibilities. I learned that asking for help doesn’t make you weak it just makes you human. Being able to find your voice, learn what your needs are and communicating them to your partner and family is vital. I will help you deal with these issues and help you being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

  • Do you look at other people and think that their relationship is better than yours?
  • Are you and your partner constantly fighting?
  • Do you feel like things aren’t “fair” or “equal” in your relationship?
  • Do you feel alone?

Being a couple is hard. What worked yesterday might not work today. As the individuals in the couple change the dynamics of the couple need to change as well. Changing from a couple of two to a family of three or more can place great stress on a couple. Being able to navigate your relationship from the couple to having children is something that can be very difficult. You need to be able to talk to your partner to explain how the dynamics of the couple need to change to reflect the changing circumstances. Being able to learn strategies in order to help conflicts that arise and come to an understanding of what each other’s needs are is what is important.

I understand. Everyone expects you to be the “perfect” mother, the perfect “wife”, the “perfect” person, I’ve been there. Through my own journey I’ve learned that I can’t and don’t have to be perfect. What I can do is become a better mother, a better wife and a better person. Don’t try for the unattainable goal of perfection, instead make your life better by recognizing your own abilities and weaknesses and emphasizing your own strengths while dealing with the weaknesses.
Parenthood is challenging. Running your own life is tough enough but running your own life while running the lives of your own children is tougher still. Being a person is a balancing act, finding that balance is something that can be learned. Our goal together is to make your life better.

  • Are you noticing changes in your teen or adolescent’s behaviors?
  • Are they showing signs of depression and anxiety?

Being able to deal with specific emotions is hard. Helping navigate the challenges that teens and adolescents may face during major life changes is something that can be achieved with therapy. This is a critical time of development for teens and adolescents and helping them understand their emotions by working through these challenges can help provide a positive growth in their own personal development.

Under the Clinical Supervision of Cayla Minaiy, PhD, LMFT

Zimra Roz-Elias

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