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ou seem to have the “perfect” life, and yet something feels like it’s missing. Even when you meet all of your goals, you continue to strive for the next one, and wonder when you’ll feel accomplished, successful, or happy. The goal of your life can seem to morph over time or become wholly unrecognizable. This leaves you feeling disconnected among an array of other uncomfortable feelings. And you are not alone, even if it feels that way.

Therapy with Me

I work with people to restore a sense of connection to themselves – their mind, body, and values. Along with connection to yourself, connection to your romantic or life partner is important and can feel strained over time.

I know therapy can seem daunting and there may be fear of judgment inside and outside of the therapy room. Our therapy sessions will include a space where you can be your authentic self, and I will challenge you to get to know yourself more deeply. This sense of safety and security will allow you to face limiting core beliefs and create the life you genuinely want.

Eating Disorders/ Disordered Eating/ Negative Body Image

You’re trying to keep up in a fast-growing diet culture – at work, in your home, and seemingly everywhere you look in this world. Diet culture can feel like it is swallowing you up, making it difficult for you to actually swallow anything or keep it in your body. Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating are common and treatable. A full Eating Disorder Recovery is possible with therapy that addresses the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Together, we will walk the path of recovery by reconnecting with your feelings, needs, and values. We will use evidence-based therapies to decrease the distressing behaviors, as well as address the core issue, or the reason the Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating is there.

Negative Body Image is also spurred on by the diet culture of Los Angeles. It can feel like the thoughts and feelings about your body will never change. But they Can! We will work our way from body hatred or dislike, towards neutrality, and ultimately acceptance and compassion. Seeking therapy and support for body image distress will help you feel free and reignite a positive connection with your body.

Walk and Talk Therapy: I also offer walk and talk therapy sessions to allow for mindful movement exposures. Movement is an essential and unavoidable part of life, so it needs to be part of the recovery process as well. You will be able to cultivate a mind-body connection, and have immediate support with disordered movement urges. You will also get to enjoy our beautiful city of Beverly Hills!

Couples: Another important connection in your life is with your romantic or life partner. If you find that you or your partner are constantly shutting down, acting out, or keeping all of your feelings inside, I can help you safely open up to each other and strengthen your relationship. We will practice skills in the moment, and have a safe space to be honest with one another. We will also explore the continuous patterns that get in your way in order to abolish the barriers to happiness. Whether you are dating, cohabitating, or married, your relationship is valuable and deserves careful attention.

Individuals: If your relationship has recently ended, I understand the need for immediate support. It can seem like your entire life path is shifting, leaving you feeling out of control and in profound grief. This time typically consists of a roller coaster of emotions, and I am here to hold space for you. I will also assist you in moving through the grief and getting to a new place of self-acceptance and connection.

If you are a creator, showing who you are through your artistic, musical, or comedic talents, you know that fear can be the #1 barrier to success. People mostly just think of fear of failure, but fear of success can also be misdirecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions. What do you want your success to look like? If you know the goal, but find it difficult to take steps towards it, this may be a fear of success. I can help you face and overcome that fear. Therapy for creatives will help you identify the thoughts and feelings you are trying to push down, and allow you to face them head on.

My Door Is Open

A space where you can trust, be open, and face the thoughts and feelings holding you back, is here with an open door. You are not alone and do not have to struggle more to believe that you are deserving of help – you are.

You can email me or call me 1 (888) 494-7788 now for a free phone consultation. I return calls and emails within 24 hours. We will work towards health and success together.

Theresa Brown, MA

Under the Clinical Supervision of Anthony DiMaggio, LMFT


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