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iving in a fast-paced world filled with stressors around every corner can take a toll on your health and well-being. It can be overwhelming trying to manage it all on your own.

You deserve a process of self-discovery, healing, and growth. My goal is to guide you through this process while providing support, warmth, and the tools necessary to navigate through your most challenging periods.

I want to help you reconnect – to your life, to yourself, and to your loved ones. Together, we will take inventory of each aspect of your life as it is right now and explore in which areas you want to see a change in order to create the life you want.

Working with Me

As a therapist, I believe mental health is more than just the absence of a mental disorder. I believe true wellness is the presence of balance, connection, and self-actualization.

I want to offer you more than just temporary relief but rather a deeper healing process to help you move forward. We will work together to get to the root of issues to develop greater awareness of yourself and your challenges. We will dive into your past and present experiences to identify points of pain left unprocessed resulting in unhelpful patterns. Making these critical connections helps alleviate the fog and confusion to create space for lasting changes to occur.

I tailor my approach to your unique needs and circumstances to provide the most empowering and effective care. I appreciate your unique inner world and strive to provide you with the profound understanding you deserve.

We will work together to alleviate the discomfort you feel during your challenging time while also working towards reconnecting you to your core self and getting clear on what you want. We engage in a collaborative process to create a life map that feels authentic and inspiring to you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of your emotions and needs through all the noise. I will meet you with curiosity and patience to help you sort through your thoughts and guide you in gaining clarity and direction.

Our work together will not only provide insight into your challenges but also highlight your inherent strengths and positive attributes. I want to help you recognize the true essence of who you are and realize your full potential so that you aren’t just surviving but thriving.

Who Do I Work With?

Anxiety & Self-esteem

Anxiety is a powerful shapeshifter that can show up in many different ways. It can be a pervasive low-grade sense of uneasiness that you just can’t seem to shake or full-blown periods of panic that everything is wrong. You question everything from yourself, your relationships, and your life path. It can feel paralyzing and terrifying as if you are falling into a dark hole, not even knowing why. The good news is that you can emerge from the hole and you don’t have to go through it alone.

There is a reason why you feel anxious. Together, we will get to the core of what is causing your anxiety and dismantle it at the root. There is a clear connection between anxiety and self-esteem. When you are not able to recognize your worth and trust yourself, you become crippled with self-doubt and feel out of control, even when you work so hard to keep everything in control.

So much of our identity is shaped by childhood experiences; those experiences embedded certain core beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. If you grew up struggling to feel seen and heard, you might have internalized that your self, voice, and needs don’t matter. If they don’t matter, why bother even getting to know them?

This can leave you feeling confused, unsure of what you actually even want in life, and ultimately, living a life that feels inauthentic and unfulfilling. You might feel a constant pressure to prove your worth, but doubt your abilities, leading to a failure to launch.

You might have followed all the steps of what you “should” do, but still feel a lack of belonging, connection, and purpose. You may feel as if you are often stuck playing a role and struggle to express your authentic self. You might not even know what that self even looks like after years of conditioning yourself to fit into what others expect, seeking validation externally as your markers to feel “on track.” The impact of this exhausting and discouraging experience often manifests as anxiety.

I will guide you in a process of self-discovery to reconnect you with your truth. We will explore your present challenges and delve into what lies underneath. We will utilize tools to challenge negative self-talk and stop the spiraling loop of self-criticism. We will explore the difference between accountability and shame to take a more productive approach to self-improvement.

You are worthy of self-love, happiness, and security. My goal is to help you understand your anxiety and empower you in breaking free from unhelpful patterns keeping you stuck for so long. I want to help you recognize your inherent strengths and abilities to create the changes you’ve been longing for.

Together, we will tackle daunting questions around identity and purpose. It can be hard to figure it all out on your own when you have years of unconscious programming getting in the way of seeing yourself accurately. Without the distorted lens, you will be able to reconnect to who you are and where you want to go.

When you get clear on your values and build a compassionate relationship with yourself, you can experience exponential growth in your social, professional, and personal life.

From the moment you are born, you begin going through many different life stages and phases. Some might come easier, while others can be challenging and even accompany a sense of loss- the end of a relationship, switching careers, moving to a new place, and even who you were before a traumatic event.

While your ability to adapt to different kinds of change can vary, it is undoubtedly a difficult process. Stepping into new uncharted territory can be overwhelming and invoke feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, instability, and confusion. You might find yourself clinging to the familiar, unable to move forward.

I will be there for you, providing a safe space as you move through experiencing the various associated emotions and helping you reach a place of acceptance and readiness to cultivate a new way of life.

I help facilitate your growth during this transformative period. I will guide you in finding the courage to embrace change so that you can step into a new chapter of your life with confidence.

My goal is to strengthen your belief in yourself, to know that you can handle whatever may come.

I recognize and appreciate that you need to go through this process in your own unique way. I will adapt my approach to best suit your emotional needs so that you can feel empowered and ready to give yourself the life you deserve.

It might often feel like you are being pulled in two different directions, unable to identify your own path as a unique individual. We will explore the aspects within each culture that can empower you and the ones that are holding you back.

As a first-generation Iranian-American, I understand the complex interplay of factors involved in being a multicultural individual. I can first-hand relate to the specific nuances one must learn to balance the duality of cultures with different values and expectations.

Using a strength-based and culturally sensitive approach, I will guide you in finding harmony within so that you find your own voice with respect to each culture’s values.

I will help you push past the challenges associated with being a multicultural individual to find the richness that it also provides.

Navigating the challenges of emerging adulthood is difficult for both teens and parents. It marks a critical time for identity, autonomy, and independence development. It can be confusing trying to figure out your place in the world in this transitional period.

Your teen deserves a safe space where they can process complex thoughts and emotions. Developing self-awareness and self-esteem is a crucial part of your teen’s development. Through taking a non-judgmental, collaborative approach, we work to identify unhelpful patterns and core beliefs to cultivate a deeper understanding and sense of balance. We will explore healthier ways of approaching communication, conflict, and familial and social dynamics.

What teens need most is to be understood; I create that space by making their voice heard and encouraging them to actively participate in their therapeutic process so that they feel empowered in knowing that they can positively shape their lives. We explore values, strengths, and goals to create a strong foundation they can build on as they grow into young adults.

Teens in therapy learn how to better identify and regulate emotions, which plays a fundamental role in managing challenges and becoming effective problem-solvers. I take a relational approach while utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents to meet the desired goals.

I also offer family sessions to enhance the therapeutic process and increase the connection between teens and parents. You want the best for your child and my goal is to provide support to you and your teen throughout the process.

Roz Hedayatian, AMFT

Under the Clinical Supervision of Dr. Cayla Minaiy


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