Nikki Courtney, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist


rom an outsider’s perspective, your life may seem like a dream: you live in LA, you’ve built a successful career, and perhaps you even have a partner by your side. Yet, deep within, you experience a profound sense of empty-ness, you can’t shake the feeling that there must be more to life. You find yourself constantly comparing your journey to those around you, perpetually feeling stuck in a cycle of disappointment. The nagging question of “Why me?” echoes in your mind, despite having achieved numerous goals.

You deserve to stop the chase, be present with your successes and be seen for who you are. Together we can explore what is getting in the way of you enjoying your present life and take advantage of the time you have on this earth.

You find yourself caught in a perpetual chase, always seeking the next milestone, looking around you and comparing yourself to those who “have it made,” leaving you unable to fully embrace and appreciate the present moment.You long for a sense of true fulfillment, a deeper understanding of yourself, and deeper connections to those around you.

You are worthy of more than just a fleeting glimpse of happiness. We will add many tools to your toolbox to help you continue to make the most out of this life. We will also explore the deeper workings of your brain on why these things happen and allow you to foster an even more profound connection with yourself and others.

Eating Disorders

For as long as you can remember, you have been conscious of your body in the world. Whether it was positive comments about your appearance, your first attempt at dieting, or judgment from adults in your life, your body was a topic of conversation. This manifests itself in different ways throughout your life: from chasing the newest wellness trend, to guilt after “failing” yet another diet, this cycle is exhausting.

Your true value lies in the depths of your character, your passions, and your unique experiences. By embracing your authentic self, separate from society’s judgements, you will create space for genuine self acceptance and we can learn the tools to do this. This process will empower you to redefine your relationship with your body, appreciating it as a vessel that carries you through life’s adventures and embodies your strength and resilience. You will no longer strive for perfection through someone else’s ideals.

Despite this messaging throughout your life, you are more than your appearance. You deserve to be able to see yourself for who you truly are. Together we can untangle this web of information to help you cut deeper to your authentic self and uncover your true identity-separate from your external being. You will allow yourself the space to be truly seen in the way you always imagined.

Working Woman

You have spent your life working hard and getting what you want. When you put your mind to something, nothing could get in your way. People often have praised you for your work ethic, your drive, and been amazed at how you have a way to get it all done. So much of this has led to your success so why do you still feel like something is wrong? You have never stopped to look around and now that you are, you are scared of what you may uncover.

This relentless pursuit of success has taken a toll, leaving you exhausted, overwhelmed and disconnected from your true self. In our sessions, we will celebrate your strengths and accomplishments, how they have propelled you forward. We will also delve into the underlying fears and beliefs that may be holding you back from deeper satisfaction. We will explore what success means for you and develop new tools and strategies to achieve a new homeostasis. You deserve to feel fulfilled and live a life full of joy and success. You deserve to spend at least one hour a week focusing on yourself and your needs, not tending to everyone else around you. Together we will unpack the expectations and societal norms that have shaped you. We will challenge the notion that sacrificing your well being and needs is a necessary component of achievement. It does not have to be either you are successful at work or at home but will find a new way to define what that looks like for your unique life.

Couples Therapy

You and your partner feel disconnected, miscommunications seem to happen more often than not. You feel like you have the same goals but things keep getting lost, ending in you feeling alone and upset. You know you want to be together but something feels like it is getting in the way. You and your partner are tired of the cycle and are ready to make things work.

Together we will explore the unique dynamics of your relationship, identifying your pasts, patterns, your strengths and areas that need improvement. We will work towards building skills towards effective communication, rebuilding trust and nurturing a deep connection. We will cultivate a shared vision for your future and build the toolbox to get you there.

Nikki Courtney, LMFT
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    Session Rates

    Starting at:
    $250 Individuals
    $300 Couples

  • Licenses, Trainings, & Certifications

    • CA License – LMFT-120155
    • New Jersey License – LMFT-37FI00213300


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