Melanie Grzyb, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist


ou crave connection- in your relationships, at work, and most importantly, with yourself- yet you fear repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns and the same heartbreak you’ve always felt. Finding and maintaining healthy, fulfilling relationships is hard. It’s easier to jump into these relationships headfirst without looking into yourself, but how does that tend to turn out?

You may want more from your important relationships, you may feel stuck in a complicated situation, or perhaps you are “starting over” all together. All of these relational challenges may cause feelings of anxiety, sadness, confusion, and greatly impacts your ability to enjoy life and form the authentic connections you desire.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today can leave us feeling burnt out, disconnected, and unsure of how to ‘move forward.’ This is happening to the lot of us, and it is okay to admit defeat, but it is not okay to remain defeated day after day.

Let’s break the cycle together.

Working With Me

I recognize that asking for help is no simple task. I believe therapy is an invitation to delve deeper into your truth so that you can live an authentic and full life. The journey of therapy can be difficult because insight can be as painful as it is profound, and I will be there to walk along that journey with you. I aim to guide you to grow out of old patterns that keep you stuck as we peel back layers that hide who you are meant to be. We’ll work together to empower you with the tools you need to challenge what isn’t working and start building a life you love. I will help you understand how your past may be influencing your present and how to enhance your capacity for intimacy and connection.

You deserve an authentic open space that is warm, supportive, and unapologetically direct and honest. I believe that actual, meaningful feedback is more useful than simply listening and repeating. My treatment approach is holistic, tailored to your specific needs, and incorporates humor and play.

I am deeply passionate about this work and I am here to help you heal and grow.

Intimacy and Relationship Counseling for Individuals

You find yourself locked in the same pattern of unhealthy romantic encounters, challenging relationships, and compulsivity relating to dating, love, or sex.

You’re the partner who consistently provides support without getting what you need in return which leaves you drained and resentful. You’ve been hurt, neglected, or cheated on in a previous relationship and now associate the feeling of love or attachment with fear and anxiety. Your relationship was working pre pandemic but now it has shown you things about your partner that you cannot unsee and it is safe to say that now is a sucky time to go through a breakup.

As beautiful as it is to crave love and to give it, it is crucial to be prepared to receive it as well. It is essential to understand your own emotions, actions, and habits before sharing them with another.

Professionals and Young Adults Grappling With Shifting Identities and Life Transitions

With so much uncertainty around us, it can feel impossible to figure out what next week will look like, let alone next year. You are consumed with the existential plague of figuring out ‘who am I, what do I really want in life.’ You feel overwhelmed with career changes or phase of life transitions, and you don’t know how to access and move through deeper blocks of self-doubt that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Therapy can be an incredibly meaningful way to reconnect with yourself, examine the places where you feel stuck, and learn how to make real changes. Drawing from my own experience, I work closely with my clients to challenge the things that aren’t working, uncover and integrate all parts of self, and begin to build a life you will love.

Trauma Work for Individuals Utilizing Evidence Based Practices

Trauma is a significant experience that has a significant effect on our brain, but so does healing. When you think about your trauma you may feel hopeless about the possibility of a life that is not colored by these events, but I am here to guide you to the realization that healing and moving forward is possible. I will utilize evidence based practices that have shown to be successful in treating trauma for children, adolescents, and adults such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Seeking Safety which is primarily utilized in treating adults struggling with both trauma and substance use. I will incorporate Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as well as Mindfulness Practices, to tailor the treatment to meet your specific needs.

Now is the time address your past experiences and move into a different future, you are not alone.

Melanie Grzyb, LMFT

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