Yoga is so rich in tradition and science that I’ve spent over a decade practicing, studying, and sharing its philosophies. With a one-way ticket, I journeyed 2 years internationally through several countries including many parts of India, living and learning in ashrams and training centers. It also brought me to Thailand, Spain, and Singapore to further study and teach.

Because of my diverse training and integrative approach, sessions with me may incorporate conditioning exercises, assisted stretching, myocardial release through bodywork and/or therapy balls, and breathing and guided meditation to manage stress. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach in a variety of settings including private lessons, group classes, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, corporate wellness seminars, university classrooms, and community centers and organizations.

I believe in the therapeutic benefits of yoga so much that the Yoga Therapy Department at The Beverly Hills Therapy Group was formed. My goal is simply to never stop exploring the therapeutic effects of yoga and share what I’ve discovered along the way.

Certifications and training include: Yoga Therapy, Prime of Life Yoga (for seniors), Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology, Sound Healing, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Yoga Pilates, Tantra, Iyengar, Yin, Prenatal Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.