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eing an adult in today’s society is rough. Working long hours, while also needing to emotionally be present for your family/significant other/friends can be exhausting! The feelings of stress, burnout, and anxiety can take its toll on your relationships, mental health, and overall happiness. On top of those feelings, past traumatic experiences can be impacting you in ways you don’t even realize. There is no time like the present to recognize these key points in your life and process the impact these events have had on you and your relationships. You can feel stuck right now; which can lead to frustration, anxiety, and unresolved emotions. Your feelings of stress and hopelessness are valid and now is the time to pause, process, and break those negative patterns you have been stuck in.

Past experiences might be trickling into your relationships and that sucks! It’s never too late to begin breaking these negative patterns and by taking this first step, you are already on the right path. By working with me I will help you continue to take steps towards improving your relationships and your life overall. You will be able to confidently look back on those past experiences and feel empowered by them instead of scared to face them.

Therapy for Law Enforcement

You went into this field for a reason, to give back to the community and serve others. Do you not feel yourself or feel something is getting in the way? Are you unable to move past things you’ve seen while on duty? Putting your life on the line I’m sure is very rewarding but it can also cause accumulated stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. You give so much to your city and I want to help make sure you stay sharp in the line of duty and don’t have any built up negative emotions. As protectors of our community, you deserve to be able to leave the job at the door and live fulfilling personal lives, and I can help you achieve this work/life balance.

If you are feeling like you are having a harder and harder time being emotionally available for your significant other, this may be the time to begin therapy and work on yourself so you can be the best partner you can be. The word “therapy” may be taboo or even frowned upon in your department or in your circle of law enforcement friends. Therapy is often stigmatized in law enforcement or can be seen as a form of weakness, but I am here to show you it is the exact opposite! Therapy can help you not only grow stronger mentally but be an even better law enforcement officer, partner at work, and partner to your significant other. Therapy will allow for a place to process what you see on the daily and not let it carry over into other parts of your life.

Mindfulness, subconscious work, and EMDR can help you process what you’ve seen and what you’ve been through so you can continue to be the heroes you are.

Does your significant other tell you they’re okay but you notice them being more distant, anxious, or irritable? Do you know deep down they aren’t okay but unsure what steps to take? Your partner may be having vicarious trauma from their work but are not able to process it which can be taking a toll on them emotionally and relationally. Come in together or you can push them to come in alone, but therapy can assist in the processing of this trauma. Being the partner to someone who is in such a high pressure field can be more stressful than people realize and I am here to help and support.

Significant Others of Law Enforcement

Being a partner to someone in a high stress job can be stressful on its own. Not knowing if the morning they walk out the door they will be walking in later for dinner is scary and can affect your mental health and impact other aspects of your life. I am here to help you process these feelings of fear and loneliness. As a partner to a deputy sheriff, I understand the struggles you can be going through and you don’t have to be alone! It is admirable you don’t want to unload your stress onto your partner and add to your stress but you have to also take care of yourself and not let those feelings build up until one day you explode. Coming to therapy solo or with your partner can be beneficial and create long lasting effects that can improve the overall health of your relationship.

Your relationship is different from those of your friends or family members, and it’s okay to acknowledge that and take different, unconventional approaches. Couples therapy is often thought of as “damage control” but in your relationship it can be used as a preventative step to ensure a long lasting, healthy relationship. Law enforcement are under constant stress and go through various types of trauma every week. By beginning couples
counseling with your hero, you can learn how to support them and give them the love they need to make it through every week. As someone who can relate to these feelings, I will ensure your couples therapy sessions will create a strong emotional foundation or repair a foundation that has been shaken so the future will be more fulfilling for both of you in the relationship.

Dealing with Relationship Issues

Relationships can become difficult, feel stagnant, or become caught in negative cycles. There can be a lack of bonding within your relationship shown by; one of you distancing from the other, a lack of communication, consistent arguments, or a lack of effort in the relationship. If you and your partner are struggling to overcome the barriers life has thrown at you I can help improve your bond and help you grow from your experiences instead of feeling hindered by them. Learning how to communicate with one another, establishing how to show love to your partner, and establishing trust are just some of the ways I will help improve the bond in your relationship.

My approach to couples work is centered around Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT allows for you to be able to fully express yourself to your partner and not feel attacked. EFT creates a safe environment where you can have open conversation with your partner. We are not wired to be isolated physically or emotionally so I will help you use your experiences to grow closer and improve your bond through EFT. This form of therapy will create a safe space for you and your partner to feel heard and express what has been lacking in your relationship and work towards a resolution. Negative patterns are hard to see when you are the one in a relationship, as your clinician I will be an unbiased third party to help guide you on your journey of growth together.

Therapy for Athletes

Being an athlete at any stage; whether it’s high school, college, club, etc., is stressful. As a former college athlete myself I understand the pressure you are constantly under and how you feel you need to continue powering through. Although it is admirable to want to keep pushing through the stress, it can actually be impacting your athletic performance. As my client, I will help you manage that stress and pressure so you can continue playing at your best. Through mindfulness and psychoeducation about coping mechanisms, we can work together to relieve that constant feeling of pressure.

Individuals/Couples with Trauma

Individuals: Life on its own can be extremely overwhelming and a traumatic experience can amplify the pressure tenfold. Physical, emotional, sexual, and verbal abuse can be haunting you, causing you to feel weighed down constantly. These emotions you feel are important, valid, and deserve to be expressed. By looking back, processing feelings towards the trauma, and changing negative cognitions associated with the event, you’ll be able to combat your past and not let it affect your future.

My approach to coping with trauma for couples is a blend of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Psychodynamic. Coming to therapy to learn to better yourself is a huge step! These types of therapy will allow for more insight into your past and will showcase the best way for you to move forward.

Dogs in Session

As a fellow dog lover, I am much more comfortable when my girl Nova is next to me. If you feel similar, feel free to bring your dog into the Zoom sessions or even in person for some walk and talk therapy around the office. Dogs help release “happy hormones” and can make sessions more enjoyable and allow you to open up more comfortably. Refer to my blog to gain my insight into the benefits of dogs in session!

Walk and Talk Therapy

Sitting in a room isn’t for everyone! I offer walk and talk therapy to make you feel more comfortable and make therapy more interactive. A mind-body connection is so important and walking can promote this in you. Feel free to bring your dog if you want a companion during this time!

Under the Clinical Supervision of Cayla Minaiy, PhD, LMFT

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