Julia Renedo, PhD.

Licensed Psychologist – Clinical Supervisor – Mental Health Diagnostician


ou’re having trouble navigating the unknown. You keep searching for happiness but at best it’s fleeting. You are constantly disappointed or frustrated with the relationships in your life, no matter how hard you’ve tried to change the patterns. You just can’t seem to get it right with what matters the most to you. You’ve lost sight of who you once were and don’t like what you see now. I completely understand how these thoughts and feelings are consuming your mind and diminishing the quality of your life.

The World we live in today presents us with more uncertainty than we are actually equipped to handle. So how is it that others seem to enjoy every success and lead covetable lives, while you feel like you’re fraying at the seams? Managing daily life requires you to practice flexibility when there seems to be no alternative, self-compassion when all you see are your flaws, radical acceptance when all you want to do is reject, and you’re expected to choose wisely along every step of the way.

You don’t have to take these steps alone; you don’t need to manage your stresses alone; you don’t need to feel alone. Starting therapy is starting your life, and I’m here to help you get started.

Therapy with Dr. Julia

Good therapy creates lasting change. Effective therapy requires an ideal match and a collaborative effort that we can achieve together. Whatever brings you into the therapy room, our work together will mark the start of creating the change that leads to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

How to Choose Wisely

Choice is all around you and making the best choice is not always as clear cut as you need it to be. Perhaps you make decisions and then eventually or immediately wish you had chosen the other. Or, you let the intensity of your emotions dictate your reactions; leaving you to face consequences you didn’t expect and deal with regret. Managing emotions when faced with unexpected circumstances or misfortune, can seem unbearable, if not nearly impossible in the moment. When all you feel is suffering choosing a wise response requires a skillful approach. Our work together will help you navigate options as they apply to choices in life and choosing your emotions, so that you can feel the benefits of choosing wisely, in your best interests, at all times, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem.

Whether you are struggling with your current romantic relationship, or a life-long relationship with a parent, friend or child, there is no way to avoid the pain that comes with conflict. Perhaps you’re going through a divorce or contemplating one, hesitant to take your relationship to the next stage of commitment, or struggling to meet compatible people—whatever the relationship issue at hand I will help you navigate your decisions with clarity and confidence. A commitment to your romantic partner is the most important bond of your adult life. Your most important bonds need to provide or reinforce your sense of security and wellbeing. I will work with you to understand the nature of how and why you bond to others. I will help you identify how your patterns, your experiences, and your history, have interfered with important relationships, or within yourself; and together we will work to undo the tendencies that no longer serve you. Our work together will ensure that renewed and repaired relationships can emerge, so that you can enjoy the relationships you desire and deserve to have.

Therapy for Fashionistas, Executives, and Professionals

As a former fashion-retail executive in Manhattan, NY, I know first-hand the challenges that come with managing your professional role and personal life in what can be an all-consuming industry. You may feel like the pressure of the job is requiring more of you than you have to give, and that if you don’t exceed standards, you’ll be replaced. You’re entirely overwhelmed by pressure to keep up, fit-in and always look the part—and you’re growing tired of it. Perhaps you’ve dedicated yourself entirely, yet you feel overlooked and undervalued. You’re scared to accept that after all this time and effort, you’re disappointed and questioning if it’s still the right path for you. Therapy will provide a space to feel uniquely seen, understood and validated as we engage in the work that you need to find relief from the confines of these perceptions and lead the life that is right for you.

Julia Renedo, PhD.
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    • California – 33311
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    • New York State Psychological Association: Member, 2017 – Present
    • Employee Assistance Professionals Association: Member, 2015 – Present
    • National Latino/a Psychological Association: Member, 2015 – Present


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