Charles Haywood III, CRT

Charles Haywood

Certified Reflexology Therapist

I am a world-renowned certified reflexologist, trained at the American Academy of Reflexology, and have been in practice two decades. I practice a delicate healing touch known as the “Flacco Method,” which focuses on the feet, hands, and ears.

Working with me may offer you a relief of stress that you’ll feel throughout your entire body. It will likely increase your circulation and general energy. It has been proven to reduce the pains associate with headaches and migraines, and it almost always improves sleep, mental alertness, and focus.

There are times when you body asks for relief – Reflexology can be just what you need. Contact the Beverly Hills Therapy Group office by email now, or call at 888.494.7788 to schedule your free inquiry session. Together, we can help you decide whether Reflexology is right for you.