Anthony DiMaggio, LMFT

Anthony DiMaggio, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor & Licensed Psychotherapist


ou feel stuck in a cycle of anxiety, tension and feeling unfulfilled but you’re not sure why. You feel as though your thoughts are constantly negative, and you never get a break to truly enjoy your life. Maybe you have moments where you think you might even be depressed. You’d like to feel more confident and often find that you compare yourself to others. It’s as though you’re behind or not doing enough with the opportunities you have. Maybe you turn to other people, places or things in order to gain a moment of peace but in the end those tend to just make things worse. It’s not easy to discuss these things with your friends or family and sometimes you feel alone in the struggle, so you keep a lot of it to yourself. These experiences are all very common and good reasons to seek therapy!

The most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. Therapy offers an opportunity to take a look at this relationship, nurture it and develop a stronger sense of self. The confidence, peace of mind and motivation you seek is available to you by moving from a place of self-criticism to a place of self-respect. This is one of the main goals of our therapy together. Accepting who you are now, is the path to becoming the best version of yourself in the future. Together we will take an interest in who you are and what you struggle with in an open, respectful and compassionate way. I usually work with clients over long periods of time, creating deep, lasting change. Although I work with all types of clients and problems, there are a few areas that many of my client’s struggle with.

Anxiety is something we can all relate to and not all anxiety is a problem however, if anxiety is getting in the way of your goals in life therapy can be particularly helpful in managing it. Anxiety problems often stem from an overly critical relationship with one’s self which can leave you feeling tense and uncomfortable. Oftentimes these negative thoughts and beliefs can be ingrained and can seem to happen almost automatically. In therapy, we aim to recognize these automatic processes so that you can learn to manage them and develop new ways of relating to yourself, others and your world. How you treat yourself is ultimately up to you, but therapy gives you the gift of choosing how you want to treat yourself, instead of running on automatic pilot. Therapy enables you to take control of your own life and break free of old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

As humans, we naturally want to move toward pleasure and away from pain. Addictions are often our attempt at trying to feel better as quickly as possible. Issues arise when these addictions affect our lives in a negative way. You can never get enough of what you don’t need, and if you often look outside of yourself to feel better, then you can probably relate to that statement. Although therapy may not work as quickly as your addiction, it allows for a long term, sustainable change and a greater peace of mind.

Anthony DiMaggio, M.A., LMFT

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