Couples Counseling


It is hard enough trying to navigate the complexities of your own life, let alone figuring out how to weave that into the nuances of a relationship.

We get it. Couples counseling is more than just working things out. It is about understanding each other and being seen by one another. This process is sensitive, it touches on delicate issues, and is extremely vulnerable. You should feel safe, comfortable, and you need to know that your therapist is an impartial, compassionate participant in your process. And that is what we strive for at the Beverly Hills Therapy Group.

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Learn about who you are as a couple.

Couples and marriage counseling is available for people in a relationship who may be looking to improve their intimacy, clarify their understanding of one another, or perhaps navigate the delicate debate about separation. In this type of counseling, the relationship is the primary focus, but both partners should be ready to discuss personal issues that may be deemed necessary for the betterment of the relationship.

Our couples counseling is open to, and accepting of, all couples. Regardless of your religion, race, or sexual orientation, the Beverly Hills Therapy Group is open to and experienced in working with you.

When you feel ready to process the issues that are challenging about your relationship, contact us by phone at (888) 494-7788 or Contact us here to schedule your free consultation session, so that you can take that step, together, toward the rest of your life.