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DHD can have a devastating impact on your life without the right treatment. Many people think of the disorder as something that affects only children. ADHD is a lifelong condition, though. If you struggle with this disorder, you may feel like you’re in a constant battle with your own mind. You see other people completing tasks with so much ease, and you wonder why it’s so difficult for you to do the same.

Managing ADHD is possible with support from psychiatric and mental health professionals. For many people, medication management is the best treatment for the disorder. The Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides prescription management services for people of all ages with ADHD. Whether you’re looking for support for yourself or your family member, we’re here to help.

How ADHD Affects Your Life

ADHD is so much more than hyperactivity or lack of focus. When untreated, the disorder can affect virtually every area of your life. People with ADHD do not lack intelligence or motivation, but their brain chemistry can make tasks profoundly difficult.

If you have ADHD, you might hyperfocus on something of interest. For hours, days, or weeks, your brain only wans to focus on one topic. Anything else feels impossible to focus on, and switching your attention to something new is extremely challenging. Difficulty initiating tasks is another common concern. You know what work needs to get done, but you’re so overwhelmed by your to-do list that you feel paralyzed.

Memory issues pose another major challenge for people with ADHD. You may forget to follow through with tasks, miss appointments, or forget where you put your things. This can create serious workplace challenges and can cause frustration with your family or friends.

The social and emotional consequences of ADHD may not be as visible, but they’re just as painful. People with the disorder often have a strong sensitivity to rejection. Criticism can feel completely devastating, and you might respond by falling into depression or lashing out at those around you. Additionally, the challenges you go through with ADHD can be isolating. Your friends and family may not understand why you struggle so much to remember things or meet deadlines. Many people with ADHD struggle with low self-esteem or feel like they’re always falling short.

Medication for ADHD

ADHD is a lifelong disorder. Medication will not cure it, but it can get your symptoms under control. Most ADHD medication works by regulating levels of certain neurotransmitters in your brain, which can improve your attention span and reduce your impulsive behaviors.

Stimulants are the most common form of medication for ADHD. These drugs increase your brain’s levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, both of which play a role in motivation and attention. Some stimulants are designed to take effect immediately and for a shorter period of time. When these wear off, you might experience a crash in mood or energy level. Other stimulants are extended-release, which means their effects occur more gradually and for a longer period of time.

Some people respond better to non-stimulants. Unlike stimulants, non-stimulants don’t take effect immediately. This means there isn’t a potential for abuse, but it also means you won’t experience immediate relief from your symptoms. Psychiatrists usually prescribe non-stimulants when a patient has severe side effects from a stimulant or if the stimulant isn’t effective.

Side Effects of ADHD Medication

ADHD medication can cause uncomfortable side effects, which is why it’s so important to work closely with a psychiatrist. Some side effects start to wear off after a few weeks or months, and others may get worse over time. Here are some of the most common side effects you might experience from ADHD medications:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Racing heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle tension
  • Periods of fatigue or irritability

If the side effects from your medication are disrupting your life, you can talk to your psychiatrist about your concerns. They might put you on a lower dose while you adjust to the medication, or they may be able to help you identify lifestyle changes that will reduce the side effects.

The Importance of Medication Management

Medication management is a vital service for anyone who takes psychiatric meds, but it may be especially important for people with ADHD. Stimulants cause a wide variety of side effects and have a strong potential for abuse. You must regularly check in with your healthcare team to make sure you’re staying safe and healthy.

Your medication needs can change over time, too. ADHD affects almost every area of your life, so it’s important to ensure you’re taking the appropriate medication and dosage. As your needs change, your psychiatrist may adjust your dosage or recommend a new medication. You also should consult with your medication management psychiatrist if you plan to stop taking stimulants. Readjusting to life without the medication can be difficult, but professional guidance can help.

Medication Management Psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, CA

Medication may not be the right choice for everyone with ADHD, but so many people with the disorder feel like they finally get their life back on track once they find a medication regimen that works. If your symptoms are affecting your personal, social, or professional life, you deserve support.

The Beverly Hills Therapy Group offers ADHD medication management to children and adults. Our medication management psychiatrist is well-versed in ADHD and the struggles that people with the disorder experience. Finding exactly the right medication regimen can be difficult, but our team is ready to work with you. Prescription management is an ongoing process that requires your feedback, so we build lasting relationships with our patients.

Not only can we assist with Psychiatric Medication Management, but we also offer therapy services for individuals with ADHD. Many people find that the combination of medication and therapy helps to create lasting changes that permanently improve their lives.

If you’re looking for a medication management team in Beverly Hills, you can contact us today.

Dr Ron N. Gad, PhD

Ron N. Gad, PhD


Dr. Ronen Nissan, PhD is the founder of Beverly Hills Therapy Group in California. Dr. Gad holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Along with his staff of licensed therapist, Beverly Hills Therapy Group provides mental health services for many disorders including anxiety, trauma, depression, and several others.


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