Why “Diets” Don’t Work….

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According to Dictionary.com, “Diet refers to items that a person habitually eats.” When people think about diet in modern day society, they usually refer to a new and restricted form of eating that they’re trying. Within society’s definition; a distasteful, bland and unappealing meal comes into mind. However, if we go back to the original definition of what diet means, it refers to what we normally eat on a day to day basis. Yes, what we eat on a daily basis, affects us mentally and phsyically. That being said, should we let the word “diet” take over our daily lives? And allow the “diet” we are following to take away the joy of eating from us?

Once someone finds out I am a Dietitian, they immediately tell me the latest and greatest diet trend that they have been on or heard of.

One of the “diets” that I found to be truly disturbing was the one where the consumer only ingested this patented formulated liquid drink for 48 hours. They guaranteed you will lose 10 pounds in that 48 hours. This patented formulated drink was a concentrated laxative, which could definitely cause you to lose weight(only fecal matter). This type of “diet” could also be dangerous for your health. People who use this diet frequently, are more likely to develop gallstones and become laxative dependant.

If you have been fooled by one of these diet claims, don’t feel bad. You are not alone! Marketing directors have spent their entire careers figuring out how to trick you and stoop you into a “diet” that doesn’t work.

Well I have some news for you, “diets” (by society’s definition) do not work! The truth behind “diets” is that they help you lose an initial weight but unless you change, you will not see the results you want. What works is a complete mental, physical and emotional change. Once a person discovers that they need to adjust not only their food pattern but also their mindset, that’s when they start to see the results they want. Sometimes people expect a magic wand to be waved or only one session in order to make all of their dreams come true. But, just like every thing in life, it does not work that way. Change requires effort and time. Change does not happen overnight and does not follow one specific pattern. If you want to change, you actually have to be able to change.

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