Therapy for Moms

Rediscovering Identity in Motherhood

There is no doubt that being a mom is bliss. There is also little doubt that it comes with unparalleled frustrations. That is why we created a specialty therapy for moms. Because even with all the love and joy you get from being a parent, there’s this tiny part of you that can’t get past the fact that your identity is now (almost) all about being a mom.

What happened to the rest of you?

Mother and Child

We know that there’s more to you than motherhood. It is important to remember the part of yourself that has diverse interests, varying passions, and valuable relationships.

While you love your family and all that they’ve brought into your life, you feel a tinge of sadness over the disconnect from the other parts of yourself. The mere thought of making time for yourself brings up a fear that you may take away from your family and other obligations. You may even think that you have to wait until you’re in another phase of life.

Therapy for moms can help you manage that anxiety.

Don’t wait to put yourself first.

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You owe it to yourself to figure out how to regain your sense of self, and you have to start somewhere, or you’ll be left to more loneliness and dissatisfaction. You will continue to feel depressed, to suffer from anxiety, and to feel lost within your own skin.

Put yourself first, by beginning personal therapy or by joining a therapy group for mothers who feel the same way.

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