Simone Kboudi, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX)

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (CA)

General Depression and Psychodynamic Work


ou’re going through the motions of your life, but feel a nagging sense that there’s something hindering your ability to fully embrace it -to get all the joy and satisfaction that you think might be possible. Whether it’s patterns from your own past, the way you grew up or what you were modeled, you now face a point where you wonder if it can be different. In a world where “everyone’s a professional,” you need to feel anchored by something bigger. It’s time you found the joy, purpose, and meaning that can help you live life the way you want.

Life is hard and can be full of unexpected and unwanted events. You know that suffering an early loss has impacted you, but it may have a more profound effect on your life than you initially expected. It can manifest as anger and rage at those you need the most, oftentimes placing impossible expectations on other loved ones in your life. You feel helpless and despair when you see how you can be your own worst enemy. You feel like a victim with many regrets about the past. Your loss has left you feeling depressed and while you hope to feel better one day, the depressed feelings can strangely feel comforting, because it’s been this way for so long. You feel powerlessness over life’s circumstances. You feel alone on the side of the curb with only a small bag of tools and no idea which direction is forward, and sometimes, you wonder if you even want to move forward. Your grief can feel overwhelming, all-encompassing or numbing. Your early suffering or trauma memories still linger and while you know they have been a great source of pain, you don’t want it to define your life. You want to feel a sense of purpose beyond your suffering. You want to develop your self-understanding that can help expand the realm of possibilities in your life.

Life is also full of transitions and changes – moves, jobs, marriage, divorce, having children, and adjustments to different phases of life. Each transition brings emotional struggles and challenges your status quo – what you’ve been used to and have been comfortable with. Change can be destabilizing and cause great distress. However, as difficult as change is, it’s also what fuels growth. By allowing yourself the process of grief in transitions, you can eventually engage your curiosity, can be present in your life, and even become interested to discover what’s going to happen next.

When you’re in this field, it’s intense work. You are the holding environment for so many others. It’s mentally and emotionally demanding in a way that no other profession can compare. When you help others process their lives every day, it can be easy to feel like there’s no space for you! While friends are great to talk to about some things, there is a certain depth, understanding, and empathy that’s essential, and that role can only be held by another therapist. Countertransference is also alive and well! You need a space where you can do your own work, unload, and separate your own internal struggles from others. You’re feeling frustrated with friends who don’t understand you and don’t know how to listen or help. You are feeling disappointed and let down by the people you need the most.

Therapy with Me

All therapy is grief work. It’s the process of confronting life where you expect one thing and get another. Therapy will help you find your own life lessons, and allow you to gain deeper perspective and fuller wisdom from your own suffering. You can turn life’s struggles into opportunities for growth that will actually lead to a more fulfilling life and become who you are meant to be. You can have a life where sorrow and joy coexist, learn to embrace all of it, your past and present and choose which legacy to pass on. You will be amazed what you will discover about yourself.

About Me

I have worked for the past 14 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Texas. After I completed my Master’s Degree, I had extensive training as a fellow in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston, Texas. Last year, I moved to Los Angeles and I am currently certified as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor.

Simone Kboudi, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Under the Clinical Supervision of Dr. Ron N Gad, LMFT

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