ello! And welcome to my page. As a therapist in Beverly Hills, CA, I create a warm, compassionate and positive environment with my non-judgmental approach. I understand the difficulties and hardships that may come along with depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, relationships, life transitions, or eating disorders. I use a holistic approach, combining my psychology background and yoga teaching experience to bring useful tools and mindfulness into the room. I believe that all of the components of our lives are related, and I therefore work on making sure that all of the parts in one’s life flow in a healthy way. I work on coping skills, self-care, building self-esteem and overall well-being.

I completed my Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, and am currently completing my doctorate degree as a PsyD candidate. I completed my first clinical placement at Vista Del Mar, where I worked with children, families, and different mental illnesses. I then worked at a rehabilitation center for addiction, and at the renown Renfrew Center for eating disorders. I currently work as a group facilitator at Early Childhood Development Associates, where I work with children and parents. I have extensive training in trauma, eating-disorders and life changes. I also specialize in working with new mothers, and helping them get through all of the life shifts that come along with becoming a parent.

Shirah Cohen Therapist

Under the Clinical Supervision of Rachel Shimoni Simons, LMFT


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