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ou’ve noticed that your child is suffering. They’re more moody, anxious, angry; they’ve been acting out. You know your kid, and you can tell that these are all signs that something’s not right, that your kid must be struggling. Growing up is all about adjustments, and it’s getting harder and harder for kids to cope with these changes. I know you want to do anything you can to help your little one, but it’s impossible to know how to handle everything they’re experiencing. Therapy can help by providing new ways for your kid to cope, to challenge the way they think, and it will increase their self-esteem. Finding an ideal therapist for your kid is the best way for them to explore how they feel, who they are becoming, and how to manage the challenges that face them every day. You and your child don’t have to go through this alone. Let’s work through these challenges together.

Children and Adolescents of Divorced Parents

Divorce is incredibly difficult and affects everyone in the family. You keep trying to keep a smile on your face and support them, but you can feel your child struggling. You love your child immensely and do not want the divorce to affect them negatively.
For a child, it can seem like their world is turning upside down. They may have many thoughts about why the divorce is happening. They may act out in anger because they don’t know how to process what is happening. Children can also internalize and blame themselves for what is going on in the family. Together, we will work to challenge these thoughts and learn to cope and communicate more effectively about how they are feeling.

Children and Adolescents from Blended Families

Two families coming into a blended family can be a beautiful process. However, it doesn’t come without its challenges. You’ve been trying your absolute best to make this adjustment easier for your child, but you’ve noticed that they are still struggling. Many factors can impact this transition: Parents may have different parenting styles, children may have grown up differently, different cultures and ways that they were raised, adjustments to new roles, and parents may have different opinions on how to proceed with the adjustment. Your child may be questioning their role or place in the new structure of the family. This can be very confusing and frustrating for them. Adjusting to this new environment can be a huge change for children and I am here to support them through it.

Children and Adolescents with Anxiety

Anxiety can feel debilitating. Your heart pounds, your palms get sweaty, you start breathing heavy, and it can feel like you are dying. This is what a panic attack feels like. Anxiety can come from internal thoughts, pressures from the world and yourself, school, feeling the need to be perfect, being around people, and more. For children, these feelings can make them feel overwhelmed and act in ways that aren’t typical for them such as being more irritable, less motivated, grades dropping, difficulty separating and not wanting to be around others. Therapy for anxiety will allow your child to have a safe place to process their feelings, learn ways to cope, and how to challenge their thoughts that are keeping them stuck. I’m here to help them take back control.


Parenting is so difficult, and there’s no perfect manual to tell you how to be a great parent. You’re struggling to find the perfect way to help your child, and it leaves you feeling like you’re carrying so much weight on your shoulders. No matter how hard you try, there’s always this fear that you’re not doing it right, or that others are so much better at parenting than you. You can’t help but feel guilt and stigma from society, other parents, family, and your culture. Therapy for parents is just what you need to help take some of that weight off your shoulders.

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