t might seem like time keeps passing you by, like you’re not reaching your full potential, or reaching what you feel you are truly capable of. Your journey seems isolating, and within this brings feelings of confusion or numbness. And you’re probably having a hard time connecting and feeling heard.

Our bodies can hold onto our stories even when we have forgotten.

I am here to tell you that you are worth having your story heard; your experience is unique to you, but you are not alone. Together we’ll build tools to help you to feel more hopeful towards your future. We’ll build strength in your present by addressing your past through a holistic lens.

Therapy for Mothers to Be and Mothers

You must be feeling overwhelmed And exhausted. You’re feeling alone in your experience. This is a time for connection, a time for feeling that you can share your experience and be met with understanding. It can feel hard to make time for yourself with the roles and identities that are asked of you, trying to find balance while juggling all that life asks of you. You are worth this time.

Being a mother can be one of the most rewarding roles in someone’s life. This however, comes with challenges, especially in the midst of this busy lifestyle and demanding time. There can be an overwhelming amount of outside thoughts and lack of space and time for you to be heard. It’s normal to have doubts and fears; to feel the need to be a perfect mother.

We will work together to address fears, while strengthening the internal dialogue to help you juggle your day-to-day, as you find balance and hope. This darkness can exist, but we can seek the light together to help you to be present in the moments of your life that seem to be passing you by. Grounding you here in this space to build a relationship with yourself will help you find out what being a mother means and looks like to you. There will be check in points that allow you to show up for yourself, and embrace your roles, while building realistic goals and practicing self-compassion throughout.

Therapy for Birth Stories and Postpartum Adjustment

I understand the importance of what you’re carrying and its importance to you.

Between 25-34% of women report that their births were traumatic– NCBI

We live in a country that values intervention over empowering humans. Your body is incredible. And together, we’ll connect your body with you mind to get you to where the magic truly is.

Expectations are natural; they are your dreams, your hopes. They might have shifted or become something you could never have imagined. I know you’re doing the best you can where you are now. Taking this first step can often times be the most challenging. The disappointment, the feelings of failure, the confusion can all seem too much.

You no longer have to justify your story, I will never wonder whether you are grateful for your children, or for your life. I recognize, and am here to validate, how confusing it can feel to have an experience, but also feel gratitude and relief around this same experience. We are in this together.

Therapy for Survivors

I fell in love with everybody but myself over and over.

This silence can be unbearable. This stillness can make you shake. Every cell of your being may be illuminated. Breathe. Check in, inhale, take it in, feel it. Exhale, let it go, let it all leave your body. Come back to you. You are there in the trenches of the pain. In the burning of the trauma. You are there. Resilient. Strong. Brave. Connected. You have always been there. Welcome Home.

Feeling this come up in your relationships? Feeling as though you are unworthy of this space, of other people’s time, and other people’s love? Is the brokenness inside you leaving you feeling unwanted or “too much” for others. We will work together to bring you back to yourself, to grow back to loving yourself first, to building yourself toward understanding that these wounds are healing as you build tools and find resilience in your present.

Therapy for Reproductive Health, Trauma, and Loss

Do you feel invisible? Is the pain, whether physical or emotional, leaving you feeling too much, or nothing at all? This can be incredibly isolating; your experience is not always something that leaves a physical mark or allows others to support you in the way you need. This is a piece of your story but is not the end.

Something has shifted for you. You may be feeling disconnected with your body? That your body or you have failed yourself? That your voice has left you? The fear and this experience can be overwhelming, too much of a burden to take on alone. Whether the pain is too much to bear, or the numbness has soaked in, this space is for you. When the disappointment of each experience is furthest from your wildest dreams or you have grown to accept this experience no matter how devastating it is.

If you’re feeling alone and underrepresented as you scroll through social media, seeing friends who do not share your experience, or feeling loss of hope, this time is yours. This healing is yours. I am here to help you, to be here with you no matter what comes up, no matter what chapter you are in. You are not alone. You are not a failure. You will no longer carry this pain, this trauma alone. I am here to help with your burden, to guide you to finding your strength, and bringing joy back into your life.

Therapy with Me

Wherever you are, be there. I will meet you.

You are enough. This life can be so challenging and can leave us juggling roles and identities, this time is yours. I am here to help you build tools to feel better while working through the good and the challenging times.

My holistic approach helps me to see where you are while bringing in tools from different methods and approaches to find the best fit for you. There is no one size fits all in therapy. My work and studies have focused on trauma through an intergenerational lens while also understanding how trauma shows up in daily patterns and relationships. This combined with trauma informed training in methods of yoga and therapy have allowed me to gain experience working with nonprofit organizations that bring yoga therapy into domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers. This has broadened my perspective and allows me to be creative with tools and knowledge that can be grown and nurtured within our time together.

I am innately drawn to positive psychology and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral theory because I believe in the goodness that exists within you and the world that surrounds us. I believe in reframing and guiding the mindset to look through a lens of optimism while finding balance through mindfulness practices and grounding techniques. It is important to give tangible instruments to be involved and active in your growth, this can allow functionality in bringing in coping skills that help your day to day be more filled with joy.

Mindfulness works to empower you while gaining a sense of foundation in your life.

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Under the Clinical Supervision of Rachel Shimoni Simons, LMFT


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