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Ron N Gad

Specialties Include:
Writers, Actors, & Creatives,
Executives & Professionals, and
Addiction & Long-Term Recovery

Ron N Gad, PhD-c, LMFT

Executive Director ⋅ Clinical Supervisor
Licensed Psychotherapist

I specialize in helping people create happy, healthy, relational lives that bring them deep joy.

I’ve been working with people on discovering their true selves for over a decade, and I can help you delve deeper into the unconscious, buried issues that have likely been keeping you from maximizing your potential, unblocking your professional and creative flow, so you can start embracing who you truly are.

Specialties Include:
Performers & Writers, and
Love, Sex, & Relationships

Ana Kashefi, MS

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

I provide an atmosphere of compassion, warmth, and empathy where my clients feel seen, heard and safe.  I utilize psychodynamic principles and believe that deep, lasting change occurs when the underlying root of distress is identified and worked through, as opposed to temporarily treating surface symptoms.

Together we will explore your history and how it is affecting the current challenges you face. Understanding yourself and your motivations is empowering and makes way for change.

Eating Disorder and
Mindful Eating Specialist

Laura Gajda, RDN

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

I am the type of Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist that believes that a healthy/nourished body makes it easier to achieve a healthy mind. If your mindset about food is in the right place, it is easier to practice intuitive eating and therefore embrace a healthy lifestyle.

What I love to do is be the piece connecting different pieces so a person can help put their puzzle together.

Kim Paige

Up to $200 per Clinical Hour

Kim Paige ~ MA, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist ⋅ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Your mind has the power to be your worst enemy or your greatest resource. We all experience those baffling parts of ourselves that just won’t seem to respond to logic, reason, self-awareness, or willpower. I have numerous specializations as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and I integrate years of experience with psychotherapy training to expeditiously tap into those unconscious drives that either have you doing things you wish you didn’t or keeps you from doing the things you wish you would.

$150 - $200 per Clinical Session

May Che, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Certified Yoga Therapist

Because of my diverse training and integrative approach, sessions with me may incorporate conditioning exercises, assisted stretching, myofascial release through bodywork and/or therapy balls, and breathing and guided meditation to manage stress. 

Charles Haywood

$125 - $165 per Clinical Session

Charles Haywood III, CRT

Certified Reflexology Therapist

I am a world-renowned certified reflexologist, trained at the American Academy of Reflexology, and have been in practice two decades. I practice a delicate healing touch known as the “Flacco Method,” which focuses on the feet, hands, and ears.