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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Dr. Ron N. Gad Of Beverly Hills Therapy Group On Why So Many Of Us Are Feeling Unsatisfied & What We Can Do About It

The founder and CEO of the Beverly Hills Therapy Group, Dr. Ron N. Gad is a multi-state licensed psychotherapist who helps leaders, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives unlock and unleash their capacity for happiness and find fulfillment.

Do You Refer To Yourself As ‘Super Type A’ or ‘Pretty Type B?’—Here’s What It Actually Means When You Say That

Dr. Ron N. Gad, a licensed psychotherapist and the executive director of the Beverly Hills Therapy Group shares with Parade Magazine how “Type A and Type B personalities are popular descriptors first used by cardiologists in the 1950s to describe the potential risk for heart disease”

I Know Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery — I Was One of Them

“There’s a certain amount of shame that comes from the cognitive dissonance between how you see yourself and who you’ve been told you should be.”

Millennial Burnout Is Real, But It Doesn’t Have to Control Your Life—Here’s Your Anti-Burnout Action Plan

“Burnout is a situational state of emotional, physical, and even mental exhaustion caused by consistent and recurring stress”

Maintaining Your Mental Health During Isolation & Handling Anxiety About Reopenings

Dr. Ghozland sits down with Dr. Ron Gad-Phd to discuss the psychological side of isolation and COVID-19.
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A Force Awoken: An Unconscious Connection to Hollywood Movies

Questions about individual empowerment through film and social media might not find answers in one therapeutic interaction, but cultural influence may run deeper than our conscious minds presume.

100 or 1 Essentials to Creating a Successful Private Practice Brand

If you can find a way to put your true self into every “must have” and “essential” trick of the private practice trade, you will thrive. If you believe in your own expertise, you will increase your brand.

6 Tips for Men Whose Women Are the Breadwinners

“Even with men who have seemingly modern views of themselves and their relationship, there seems to be a barbaric notion of roles within the relationship.”

The At in the hAt: Are We Viewing Learning Issues All Wrong?

With such a substantial number of American children battling learning challenges, it is vital that we take note of the effects those unseen disabilities have on their fragile psyches.

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