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You deserve a relationship that is healthy and happy. Discover new ways of communication and intimacy that will help you and your partner better hear, see, and be understood by one another.

Change happens in couples counseling through mutual insight and understanding. You and your partner should have the space to look into your own past, notice repetitions, focus on personal history, and bring to light the ways each of your experiences may be affecting the relationship.

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Is it time for Couple’s Counseling?

People in relationships look to enter therapy for a number of reasons, ranging from communication problems and power struggles, to infidelity and sexual dissatisfaction. It is recommended that couples enter into some form of counseling as soon as any relational discontent arises, and is often suggested that occasional therapeutic stints could help couples avoid the troubles that force others into therapy.

A good therapeutic process should address many aspects of the relationship, although the way a couple communicates tends to be the primary focus of most couple’s counseling sessions. Cases where partners avoid conflict or engage in constant battles, healthy communication suffers, problems build, and repairs become more difficult. Famed relationship psychotherapist John Gottman noted that the lack of adequate repair following an argument is the biggest contributor to marital unhappiness and even divorce. Beverly Hills Therapy Group offers a place where couples can take the first step to improving their relationship – healthy communication.

Of course, simply telling people to talk more or better is rarely going to smooth over the underlying issues that are bringing stress to the relationship. As with individual psychotherapy, change happens in couple’s counseling through insight and understanding. Each member of the relationship should be prepared to look into their own past, notice their repetitions, focus on their personal history, and bring to light the ways those may be affecting the couple.

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