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anaging all of life’s stressors and complexities can become very overwhelming, very quickly. You feel like you’ve been swallowed up by the chaos of trying to balance the pressures of surviving in Los Angeles, and succeeding in your career, and keeping your family happy, and maintaining a social life… and the pressure is overbearing. You hear of this concept of “self-care” all the time, but who the heck has time to manage that?! You want to change things within your life to feel more manageable, so you can be in full control, but you just don’t know how. That’s why I’m here to help.

Therapy with Me

I know that therapy can get heavy when you’re exploring the deepest darkest parts of your life. You want to feel as if you truly connect with your therapist in order to feel safe exploring these secrets. My therapy sessions include sprinkles of positivity and fun, in order to take off some pressure of therapy. I’ll help you obtain a sense of safety and normalcy within our therapy sessions, which will allow for you to feel connected, secure, and gain a sense of control over your emotional states.

I truly believe that the best way to connect with someone, is through shared experiences. I have a background in working with teens and adults with depression, anxiety, and struggles with low self-esteem. I am the right therapist for anyone struggling with women’s issues, as I have based my specializations on issues that I have personally overcome myself. This allows me to relate to you and connect with you with compassion on a level that other therapists may not be able to.

In my time working as a therapist in Los Angeles, the topic of sexual assault has become a major theme amongst the lives of my patients and I. Personal experiences, combined with my educational and professional skills, motivated me to develop a specialization in working with people who have suffered (and continue to suffer) through sexual assault. I fully appreciate the repercussions of sexual assault, which allows me to approach your experience with full empathy and genuine understanding.

Sexual Assault

You live in Los Angeles: The city of the rich, famous, and powerful. But let’s get real. You’ve realized that not everything is beautiful about the power dynamics that perpetuate themselves throughout Los Angeles culture. You’ve experienced first-hand the reasoning as to why the #MeToo Movement has gained so much momentum over the last few years.

Being harassed, assaulted, or raped, brought on numerous serious consequences for you. You now have to not only face the trauma of the experience itself, but many other difficulties come in to question after the assault. You might be experiencing major distress, asking yourself questions such as – “Should I report to the police?” “Who can I trust to tell?” “Will anyone believe me?” “Should I consider a lawsuit against this person?” “What will happen when everyone finds out?”

You want to feel safe again. You’ve had a traumatic experience that left you feeling powerless and defenseless. You’re seeking to regain control. You need someone to help you learn to heal from this complex trauma you’ve experienced, and to help guide you through the difficult decision-making processes that subsequently follow an assault. Together, we will work toward learning to manage your trauma, as well as rationally work through your emotions and decision making throughout the process.

I will assist you in learning coping skills and gaining emotional regulation tools for your anxious and depressed moods that follow assault, create safety plans to feel more secure in the future, learn healthy boundaries, and regain control and power over your life. Your traumatic experiences do not need to define you.

I also run Sexual Assault Process Groups

Employer, Executive, and Celebrity Harassment

Have you ever been coerced, pressured, or manipulated into having sexual interactions with men of higher power or status than yourself? Has your employer or a celebrity influencer sexually harassed you in order to obtain, maintain or advance your positions in the workplace? As you’ve experienced, this happens all too frequently within the entertainment culture, as we constantly see headlines about yet another celebrity abusing their power and status to attempt to force women into unwanted sexual acts. Just like you, 81% of women have been sexually harassed in their workplace. You may have noticed that men of status tend to carry this need for dominance into other areas of their lives, causing far too many sexual assaults and rapes by men of power to occur outside of the workplace as well.

The assaulter has power and status over you, which makes decisions about how to handle the aftermath of an assault much more difficult. The pressure of knowing that if you do report, it may become a public knowledge can be extremely overbearing. You question the possibility of losing your job, your friends and family as your support network, or your personal identity pre-assault.

Sexual Assault by Loved Ones

You have experienced the ultimate betrayal. How could someone you love hurt you in the most detrimental way? How could someone who was supposed to protect you, force upon you something so uninvited and traumatizing?

The pain of being assaulted or raped by a loved one is agonizing and substantial. You can’t just cut this person out of your life… they are family. You’re wondering if it was “really” rape if it was committed by your boyfriend or husband. You have to live under the same roof as this person – and sleep near them night after night. The fear of re-assault is constantly dwelling over you, creating major distress. I have experience with working with sexual assault victims of all circumstances including sexual assault by family members or intimate partners.

Together, we can work towards healing your trauma through mindfulness-based techniques, self-compassion, understanding the root of sexual assault, and eliminating self-blame.

Couples Therapy When a Partner Has Experienced Sexual Assault

Your partner has been raped or assaulted. Their behavior has changed due to symptoms of PTSD arising, and you feel that no matter what you do, you’re triggering their trauma. You want to be there to support them, but you don’t know how. Your partner’s assault has created significant conflict, distance, and lack of communication within your relationship. All you want is to return to a normal level of functioning in intimacy with your partner.

You’ve realized that understanding your partners sexual trauma and the feelings associated with past assaults can be very complex. A history of sexual assault can particularly complicate issues within a couple’s sexual relationship. You’ve realized that you and your partner need help with learning how to reconnect, without triggering feelings from the assault.

I will provide a safe space for you to learn how to communicate with your partner about sexual trauma. I will also help with communication skill building, such as learning how to listen empathetically to your partner’s needs, and validate their emotions and experiences. I will also help you build healthy sexual boundaries, and learn how to get your sex life back to a place where you can both enjoy each other, without the interruption of traumatic memories.

Self-Esteem for Millennial Women

You live in an era where you are constantly being forced to compare yourself to others. Whether it’s your appearance, your career, your financial status, or your social and family lives — comparing yourself to those around you has gotten the best of you.

I will work with you on reframing your thinking through a more self-compassionate lens. Together, we will explore the root causes of low self-esteem, and I will assist in forming a more positive mindset about yourself and the world around you by providing empathy and skills for self-love. I will help you learn to minimize your inner critic, learn to see more positive qualities within yourself, to gain acceptance of your role in the world.


• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) ~ License Number: 130706
• Stress Responses Following Sexual Trauma
• Understanding Institutional Sexual Misconduct
• Trauma Informed Care
• Mindfulness Certification
• Creating A Culturally Competent Environment
• HIV/AIDS Treatment in Therapy

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