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Beverly Hills Therapy Blog

8 Signs Your Teen Needs Therapy

Adolescence is a turbulent time, but teenagers aren't often great at asking for support. As a parent, you might not have much luck if you ask your teen whether or not they're feeling okay. Instead, you may rely on more subtle cues in their mood and behavior to know how they're doing. Anyone can benefit [...]

5 Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship

Your romantic relationship can be a wonderful source of companionship, support, and comfort, but sharing your life with another person does require effort. Even two people who are perfectly matched for one another need to frequently check in with themselves and the other person to ensure both of their needs are being met. One of [...]

Emotional Trauma: 6 Steps to Recovery

Human beings have an incredible capacity for emotion. The intense excitement, joy, and love we can feel is one of the best parts of being alive, but unfortunately, we can also experience the opposite extreme. Stressful and traumatizing events can have severe emotional repercussions, and overcoming these challenges can be very difficult. Emotional trauma can [...]

7 Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

Most people experience at least one unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship in their lives, but dating a narcissist is another level of pain and anguish. Narcissistic personality disorder is a serious mental health condition that can put intense strain on interpersonal relationships. If you’re involved with a narcissist, you might feel like you’re the one who’s […]

The Effects of Growing Up in a Toxic Family

The environment you grow up in can have a dramatic effect on who you are as a person later in life. While psychologists debate whether nature or nurture is more important in determining personality and behavior, it’s undeniable that your family and your upbringing shape your character. If you grew up in a toxic family, […]

4 Tips for Coping with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Postpartum depression is a common yet often misunderstood condition affecting mothers of all ages and backgrounds. The months after the birth of your baby are a time of intense emotion, and it’s normal to fluctuate between highs and lows. If you feel like the lows are so painful that they’re affecting your ability to function, […]

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

When most people think of therapy, they imagine themselves sitting in an office and discussing their struggles with a counselor. While traditional talk therapy can be incredibly effective and meaningful for many people, some clients do gravitate toward other therapeutic methods. One option for treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and other concerns is EMDR, or eye […]

5 Tips for Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the most complicated and misunderstood mental health conditions. When you have OCD, you may feel like you’re entirely consumed and controlled by your obsessive thoughts. This experience can be incredibly isolating, especially because so few people understand what OCD truly is and the damage it can cause to […]

How to Cope With Seasonal Depression

Some people feel excited about the winter months approaching. Holidays, snow, cooler weather, and winter hobbies can make this time of year enjoyable, so it’s not uncommon to hear people say they prefer the winter over the summer. If you struggle with seasonal depression, though, the winter may be the most difficult time of the […]

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